Medieval Tonic

This time of year everyone is ridden with colds. We all spend stupid amounts of money on different vitamins and remedies from Holland and Barrett or on tube after tube of Berocca. To add to the terrible weather, we are also all going out twice as much because of the Christmas season. My dad and I thought we would give this mad potion a go. This is from the medieval times when epidemics took hundreds of lives. People used natural remedies to try and cure themselves, before all of the prescription drugs we take were around. Penicillin wasn’t invented by Fleming until 1928. We wanted to see if natural remedies could make us feel on top of the world. There was only one way to find out, so on a rainy Tuesday afternoon we got cooking! (Well, not really cooking – we just chopped up all of the ingredients and put them in a jar!)

According to the description, this recipe is an antibiotic that millions of people have used to fight dangerous diseases in the past. Let us see if it can fight our colds and hangovers this December. Apparently this tonic has helped people fight bacteria, parasitic and fungal diseases and even the plague.

I put Val (my dad) on to the chopping and grating, with much complaint, and sterilised the jars.

tonic 3

This is the recipe –

1 Large Bulb of Garlic Finely Chopped (A natural antibiotic)

1 Small Onion Finely Chopped (Powerful duo with close relative, garlic)

2 Tablespoons of Turmeric (I’m obsessed with it – it’s marvellous!)

5 inch Piece of Ginger Grated (Has an anti-inflammatory effect)

2 Tablespoons of Horseradish (For sinuses and lungs)

2 Fresh Hot Red Chillies (Have antibiotic properties and stimulate circulation)

700ml Organic Apple Cider Vinegar (It’s high in potassium so good for hair, teeth, colds and bones. It’s high in pectin, which decreases cholesterol, and malic acid that cures joint pain. Hippocrates, the father of medicine used only two natural remedies, apple cider vinegar and honey – and he knew what he was doing! Furthermore it promotes natural weight loss – FAB)

Put all of the ingredients in a mason jar. Close the jar and shake well. Keep it in a cool dry place for 2 weeks. Shake the jar several times a day.

After two weeks strain through muslin, squeezing well.

tonic 1

Dose –

Quite worryingly, it says ‘it is valuable advice to eat some orange, lemon or lime after you consume the tonic in order to reduce the burning sensation and heat’!

A tablespoon has to be gargled and swallowed once a day just to boost your immune system and fight colds. If you are already ill then it recommends taking 5 tablespoons a day.

Apparently you can also add it to olive oil to make salad dressing! How convenient.

I’ll let you know if I have super powers in two weeks!

tonic 2


All information from ‘Viral Alternative News’ (


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